What is Eolas ?

The EOLAS programmes are eight structured  modules of learning. The topics relate to  mental health issues and how to deal with them with the focus of each programme on the promotion of recovery. The programmes take place over eight weeks and are of ninety minute duration. The delivery of the EOLAS Programmes is unique, as it is facilitated through peers (service users and family members) and clinicians working together using knowledge gained by lived experience and clinical expertise.

The programmes places a special emphasis on adult learning principles. As a result the programmes use discussion groups and individual learning activities as well as inputs from visiting experts.

It is our hope that this learning will increase your knowledge of mental health issues, raise awareness of self care needs and promote your confidence in the recovery journey.


The EOLAS ethos is based on an understanding that true collaboration is not possible without each participant in the EOLAS project being treated with dignity and respect, a recognition that everyone has a valid viewpoint and that information should be shared. The integration of this ethos is essential for the successful delivery of the programme.

Sharing: Information and experiences

Understanding: How mental health difficulties affect the person and their families and friends

Partnership: The program is delivered in a collaboration between service users, their families, and members of the clinical team

Participation: Service users and their families participate at every stage of the program

Openness and Ownership: Information and understanding belong to everyone

Recovery and Respect: The program is based on the principles of recovery and respect for the participants

Trust: The program depends on establishing trust within the group


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