EOLAS Family Programme

What is the EOLAS Family Programme?

The EOLAS Family Member and Friends Programme, is a Mental Health Information and Learning Programme for families and close friends of service users with a diagnosis of schizophrenia spectrum or bipolar disorders. EOLAS also provides a programme for service users. The focus of each EOLAS programme is on the promotion of recovery.

The delivery of the EOLAS Programme for family and friends is unique. It provides information through family members and clinicians working together using knowledge gained by lived experience and clinical expertise. To ensure that EOLAS is meeting people‚Äôs needs each programme is evaluated.

What family member participants have told us about the benefits of attending EOLAS:

  • Gives improved confidence in care giving
  • Increases knowledge/understanding of mental health issues
  • Increases knowledge of services provided by the mental health team
  • Increases knowledge of managing relapse prevention
  • Increases awareness of self care
  • Increases hopefulness
  • An important source of emotional support
  • Increases confidence for self advocacy
  • Improved relationships with family member diagnosed with psychosis

Structure of the EOLAS Programme

  • The programme is run over 8 weeks
  • Each session is of 90 minutes duration and allows time for discussion and questions
  • Different topics are covered each week with guest speakers for a number of sessions
  • Each programme is delivered by two co-facilitators one of whom is a family member and the other is a clinician
  • You will be provided with a manual containing a summary of all information that is discussed during the session

Content of the EOLAS Programme for Families and Friends